Details of additional agricultural supports have been announced

In the statement made by the Ministry, the details of the President’s Decision on the “Agricultural Supports to be Made in 2021 and the Decision of the President to Amend the Decision Regarding the Fertilizer and Certified Seed Use Supports to be Implemented in 2022” published in the Official Gazette were included.

According to the statement, the agricultural support budget, which was planned as 25.8 billion liras in 2022, was increased to 29 billion liras with an additional budget of 3.2 billion liras. With the said decision, it became clear where the additional support to be given this year will be made.

In this context, according to the Farmer Registration System (ÇKS) from the additional budget, an additional input support of 50 lira per decare will be paid for wheat, barley, rye, oat and triticale products for 2021 production, for once.

In addition, with the previously published decision, the support for 2022 certified seed use was determined as 16 liras per decare for barley, wheat, rye, triticale, oats and paddy, with an increase of 50 percent to 24 liras. With the last regulation, it was also ensured that the certified seed support was paid within this year.

Thus, in 2022, wheat, barley, rye, oat and triticale producers will be paid a total of 116 liras per decare, with diesel fuel, fertilizer, certified seeds and an additional 50 lira input support.

Agricultural extension and consultancy support, which was 46 thousand liras, was increased to 52 thousand liras, which was paid to each agricultural consultant who is authorized by the Ministry and provides agricultural extension and consultancy services, as well as to each agricultural consultant employed in chambers of agriculture and producer organizations, up to a maximum of 5.

Finally, Aydın-Efeler, Aydın-Köşk, Aydın-Sultanhisar, Aydın-Yenipazar, Karabük-Eskipazar, Kütahya-Domaniç and Sivas-Hafik basins were also included in the scope of support for oil sunflower in order to increase the production of sunflower for oil.​

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