Enrolling at a German University

Enrolling at a German University


Once you get admitted as a student in a German higher education institution, the next process is getting enrolled or “matriculated” in studies. This process involves applying to get your courses registered, in order to be able to enroll in the academic lectures and exercises as well as to undergo the examination.The enrollment process involves submitting the following documents at the Office of Students Affairs “Studentensekretariat”:

  • Your Passport,
  • The University Admission Letter,
  • The University Entrance Qualification (or substitute),
  • Few Passport photos,
  • Proof of Health Insurance Coverage,
  • German language proficiency certificate,
  • Proof of English and/or German language proficiency (depending on the programme language).

Following the submission of such documents:

  • You get a certificate of enrollment (as a temporary student ID),
  • You receive an electronic payment slip in your email, to pay the semester,
  • The Student ID will be provided to you by post, once it is confirmed you paid the semester slip,
  • The university will open you an online account with your Student ID number– an account that will give you a wide access to the university internal services, networks and external e-resources such as the electronic course materials, the online registration for courses and exams, the e-library, and other.


Keep in mind – you need to re-register each semester, since you have to pay the semester fee and get your ID activated for the following semester.

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