How To Get a Student Residence Permit in Germany

student residence permit germany

A Student Residence Permit is a German title that allows you to reside in Germany while you pursue a degree there. In addition, you are also required to obtain a residence permit when you are taking part in a study exchange programme, enrolled in preparation courses, language courses, or trainings and internships in Germany. Since one of the most commonly asked questions is how to get a student residence permit in Germany, we have compiled the essential information you need in order to be granted your permit in no time. So, let’s go through the essentials.

International student numbers in Germany are increasing every year and this country has long become a hub for ambitious students eager for knowledge. However, international students should go through a few procedures before they commence their studies in Germany. Initially, they should obtain a student visa and the moment they find accommodation in Germany, they must apply for a student residence permit. The procedure is not as tiresome as it may appear, however, you do need to have all the necessary required documentation.

Studying in Germany has a wide range of benefits – from the internationally recognized qualifications, to the world-class universities and cultural diversity students encounter. Besides, the education in Germany is mostly free (due to low or no tuition fees at all), and the living costs are quite budget-friendly. Now, let’s learn how to get settled in the land of castles.

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