Karan Defends Preeta In Front Of The Family Kundali Bhagya 31 August, 2021 Written Update.

Karan Defends Preeta In Front Of The Family Kundali Bhagya

Karan Defends Preeta In Front Of The Family Kundali Bhagya 31 August, 2021 Written Update.

Kundali Bhagya 31 August, 2021 written update: As Sherlyn expose the fact to everyone the family condemn Preeta for spoiling their joy .

Kundali Bhagya 31 August episode start with Sherlyn exposing the fact  about Preeta’s child-bearing and penetrating  everyone that she even spoke to Kareena about the same in Lonavala but she blame her instead. She then says that she only called Sarla so that she could groundwork Preeta during her resistant  time. Sherlyn additional  says that she has conclusively realize that Preeta is not pregnant

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Kundali Bhagya 31 August, 2021 episode written update: 

Rakhi slaps Sherlyn

Karan Defends Preeta In Front Of The Family Kundali Bhagya

As Sherlyn continues to deprecate for back-stabbing  the family, Rakhi calling out at her and gives her a tight slam  while Dadi says that Kareena should have slamed  her before. Dadi then says that Sherlyn has misplaced it after losing her baby and bring an idea of her going to Sanjana’s house for a few days. She even slams her for being envy and having such inexpensive consideration about Preeta. Meanwhile, Karan convince Preeta that Sherlyn will not tell anyone about their hidden truth

Sherlyn presents the proof against Preeta

Sherlyn then says that she knew they will not believe her and that is why she got the evidence. Kritika then calls Preeta and Karan downstairs when the family started asking  Preeta on why she back-stabbed them Kareena and Sherlyn then ask Preeta why she played with their feelings when she was not carrying a child.  Even Dadi wants an answer from Preeta. Karan then interrupt and says that Preeta wanted to tell everything and ask them to let him describe the situation. 

Prithvi feels sorry for Preeta

As the quarrel continue, Prithi observe it and feel unhappy for Preeta. He also thinks that Sherlyn will make sure that the Luthra family kicks Preeta out of the house. Meanwhile, Srishti and Mahesh appear and understand the validity . Sherlyn then adds that Preeta will never be able to imagine  to which Karan slam at her to stop talking. Karan then address Sherlyn and warns him to not abuse  Preeta. He then describe that they were preparing to expose the fact to themselves  but the timings wasn’t right. He then says that they met a doctor who told them about the possibility of having a baby while Preeta while Preeta begs everyone. Kareena then says that it is Preeta who needs to go and stay at her mother’s place while Dadi tells Karan to stop defending his wife. 

Kareena then tells Rakhi to ask Preeta to leave to which Rakhi assist Preeta. She then says that not many people can understand Preeta to which the latter gets feeling and hugs Rakhi. Rakhi then continues by saying that nobody can understand what Preeta is going through while Mahesh agrees with her. Rakhi then blesses Preeta and Karan and Sherlyn’s plan fails.

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