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The Aptitude Test for Foreign Students in Germany realistically measures an individual’s general and subject-related aptitude. Known as TestAS, short for Test für Ausländische Studierende (Test for foreign students), this assessment allows universities to see the cognitive skills of their students before admission. It is a standardised scholastic test measuring the intellectual abilities that are essential for university. This test is meant to be taken by international students from non-EU countries who are planning to do undergraduate studies at any German university.

The international student numbers in Germany are increasing every year, and this is due to the excellent studying and living conditions this European country offers. The excellent universities, highly-qualified academic staff, the living costs, and the wonderful culture – all these make Germany an extremely sought-after study destination. When it comes to studying in Germany, among other requirements, the TestAS exam is also included as part of the procedures international students should go through in order to enroll in a German university. Below you will find all you need to know about the aptitude test for foreign students in Germany.

What does the TestAS include?

Supported by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), the test comprises of three parts, including:

  1. The “onScreen” Language Test: This is a 30-minute online test with the aim of assessing the general language proficiency in either German or English. In order to pass the language part of TestAS, you should have level B1 language skills. However, the B1 level is below the required level for studying in Germany.
  2. The Core Test: This test realistically assesses your skills in the general fields required by every university.
  3. The Subject-Specific Test Modules: This part of TestAS includes different subject-specific modules that you have to choose from, and which evaluate your skills in specific subject areas. The modules include:
  • Engineering
  • Economics
  • Humanities, Cultural Studies, and Social Studies
  • Mathematics, Computer Science, and Natural Sciences

For how long is the TestAS certificate valid?

The validity of the TestAS certificate is unlimited, meaning it will never expire. However, you are allowed to repeat the test for as many times as you would like. But you must remember that the test does not measure skills that can be learned through time but instead it measures cognitive abilities. This means that the results are unlikely to change.

Do I need a TestAS certificate to study in Germany?

This test is taken by students from non-EU countries who want to enrol in an undergraduate degree programme in Germany. However, the certificate is recognized by German universities who have it included in their admission requirements. Meaning, the certificate is not mandatory for all universities; some university admission requirements only include TestAS as optional, and others do not require it at all. But, for more information on this, you should consult with the university you want to apply to and ask them whether you need to include a TestAS certificate in your documentation.

What are the benefits of TestAS?

This aptitude test carries a lot of benefits. Firstly, you will be tested on your cognitive skills, meaning you do not need to attend any short-term training. Secondly, the results of the test will help you into making informed choices when it comes to university programmes. Some of the benefits of the TestAS exam are:

  • Universities select candidates who fulfill the subject-requirements best.
  • Students who take the test will learn about the requirements of the subjects they want to study.
  • The test measures the students’ chances to successfully complete the degree programme they have chosen.
  • Since the TestAS exam results carry your intellectual abilities and achievements, you can also use the certificate for different purposes such as when applying to various companies or institutions.

How do I register for a TestAS exam?

Initially, you should register online on the TestAS website. Afterwards, you will receive an email of verification through which you can book the test date and select the test centre using your username and password. The deadline to book and register is five weeks before the TestAS exam is held.

The prices are announced during the process of registration, however, it is usually € 80. In addition, the test is administered three times a year.

Before taking the test, you should decide whether you want to take the test in English or in German, book the Core Test, and select the modules (only one) on the Subject Specific part of the test.

What should I know before I take the test?

You should take a valid ID, it can be a passport, identity card, or driver’s license. However, it should be the same ID you have used when you registered for the test. Also, you need to bring a black or blue ballpoint pen and show the admission email sent to you by the test centre. You should not bring any resources such as note sheets and calculators. You will be given everything you need at the test centre.

How long will the test last?

  • The “onScreen” part of the test lasts 30 minutes.
  • The Core Test lasts 110 minutes.
  • The Subject Specific test lasts about 145-150 minutes.

Is the test online or paper-based?

The first part of TestAS is online, or “onScreen”, meanwhile the other two parts of the test are paper-based. You will be given multiple choice formats for each module and you should mark the correct answer in a machine-readable answer sheet with a ballpoint pen.

Which are the TestAS centres?

You can take this test in licensed test centres only. However, you can find these centres in many countries of the world, including your country. If you cannot find a test centre in your country, make sure to contact TestAS for more information, through this contact form.

How do I prepare for the TestAS exam?

Since the TestAS is not designed to test knowledge but rather cognitive abilities, students can not prepare for the examination through short-term training or materials. What students should do, however, is to get familiarized with the test format so they will know the kind of structure the test has and also go through the many test samples offered by TestAS.

It is suggested not to enter the TestAS exam without going through the TestAS model questions beforehand.

What is the age limit for the TestAS exam?

There is no age limit for entering the TestAS exam, it should be taken by anyone outside of the EU willing to study in an undergraduate programme at a German university. In addition, it can also be taken during your last year in secondary school, but not earlier than that.

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