Cover Letter for German Student Visa

cover letter for studying in germany

The cover letter for German student visa is very important and most of the international students ignore it completely when applying for their student visa.

What is a Cover Letter?

Basically, a cover letter is a document where a student visa applicant describes the purpose of its visit to Germany in some details and lists attached documents in its application.

That said, a cover letter is the equivalent of an interview where officials are willing to ask candidates about the purpose of the visit. Since most embassies are now handling the visa application process to outsource companies there are fewer officials to conduct one-on-one interviews, and a Cover letter plays a major role in the final decision about your German student visa application.

A precise understanding of what a Cover Letter is essential because it gives you first-off hints as what you need to write down on that paper and to adjust your writing style appropriately.

Cover Letter for German Student Visa Application

As per every visit in a foreign country, the authorities in that particular country are highly interested to have some information about who you are and what is the main purpose of your visit. This is done so they can evaluate the risks of admitting applicants who may pose certain threats to the security of the population in that country.

Besides explaining the intention of your visit, on a Cover Letter, you must also state your financial resources to let authorities know you have the required funds to cover living and studying-related costs in Germany.

Why it is important?

Germany ranks among the world’s top five popular study destinations and a large number of international students apply for a student visa each year. In addition, there are also applications for other kinds of visas, accounting for a heavy workload at German embassies. With that in mind, a Cover letter will save them (and you too) tons of time to make a decision on your application.

One cannot say the entire decision on your visa application relies on the Cover Letter but it’s true it plays a significant role.

What Should Contain?

There is not a standard model of what a Cover Letter must look like, but surely there are some general principles that always apply when writing one. Since Cover Letter is very important for your German student visa application, it is crucial you follow these general rules and make proper adjustment according to your personal profile under the way.

So, what should your Cover letter for the German student visa application contain?

Essentially, you must focus on three major components:

  • A brief introduction to who you are
  • Explain the purpose of your visit to Germany
  • List the documents attached in your application file

Introduction feels the hardest part of all. Everyone feels intimidated by the idea of putting the first word on a completely blank page. We recommend you deliver as simple as possible. Remember, you’re not making a university project or a dissertation thesis. On the contrary, you should try to be as fluent and understandable as possible so the officials can scan easily through the text and get an idea of your profile.

Now comes the most important part where the whole purpose of the Cover letter relies on stating the purpose of your visit. For a perfect delivery, we highly recommend you explain your educational background and its relevance according to your study ambition in Germany.

Next, you can talk about the university and the course of your choice in Germany and some major reasons that accounted for your decision, as for example the university’s reputation and future prospects.

An example

“My name is X and I come from Y. I hold a Bachelor degree in Engineering issued by the X University in my home country. I have been working at a local Engineering company in my country for the past two years as a Project Manager. I have an admission letter from Z University in Germany for K course and I’m looking forward to getting a German student visa to study there. The Z University is highly reputed and I believe it will provide me with a well-rounded education to help me build a successful career as an Engineer.”

Lastly, you must list the attached documents in your application file so the admission committee knows what to expect from the application before even going through it. In fact, here’s where stands a very beneficial trait of the cover letter. If there’s any document that is missing in your application, although required, you can explain the reasons why that happened.

For example, the university in your home country may need additional time to issue an official certificate of your graduation beyond the application deadline in Germany. In that case, you can explain this in the cover letter so they won’t reject your application instantly when they see there is no diploma included.

In a more detailed overview your Cover Letter for a German student visa must contain the followings:

  • The purpose of your visit to Germany
  • Basic personal information
  • Your educational profile
  • Your financial standing and resources
  • Reasons why you chose a particular course and the University
  • Why do you think a German degree is good for you
  • The list of documents included in your application

Formatting – Formatting is very important because officials are familiarized with some sorts of standard formats of Cover Letters enabling them to do a quick scanning of the information being presented there. If it doesn’t have good formatting it may seem highly unprofessional and confuse the commission, which deals with your visa application.

An acceptable format of a Cover letter for the German student visa must be structured as follows:

At the top left corner of the Cover Letter write the date at which the document is written.

Below it, write the German Embassy in your home country to which you’re sending the document.

Your personal information, so the receiver (the embassy) to whom you have written. Your name, your surname and Passport number may suffice.

Dear Sir/Madam “to whom it concerns”.

Clearly state why you are writing the letter, the aimed travel date and the duration of your stay

Start by clearly showing the purpose of your visit to Germany.

Speak about your previous education and work experience and the ways it is related to your aimed course in Germany.

Shortly explain why you chose Germany and that particular university and what are your goals.

List the documents included in your application file.

Wrap it up.

Yours sincerely, Name and Surname.

Your contact information: Address, email and telephone number.

Important advice

By now you must have started to appreciate the role of a cover letter in your German student visa application and you want to make yours a one-of-a-kind. You’re just one step far from that just pay attention to the following advice

Optimize your cover letter as much as possible – Abandon the idea that you can write a wonderful piece of content at your first shot. Also, don’t aim to make a perfect Cover Letter. That is just unrealistic.  But, keep in mind that probably the whole magic of making a good cover letter for your German student visa depends on your editing. Take your time and arrange your information in the explained order and choose the most appropriate words.

Be concise – We do understand that it is hard to limit your thoughts in a single paper, but try to be more concise about what you want to exactly say. Knowing to whom you’re addressing your cover letter will also help you adjust your tone of speaking to what is required from you and choose the right words.

Seek advice from a student in Germany – There are thousands of international students currently attending university in Germany and probably there is one from your home country who you can ask for some helpful advice about your Cover Letter. It is easier to make your own cover letter if you benefit from the experience of a student who has gone through the same before you.

Pay attention to formatting – Always keep in mind that you’re writing to high authority and your document must be in accordance with some principles. Some students just write down whatever comes into their minds without respecting a well-structured order, although they don’t miss the main purpose of the Cover Letter.

Common mistakes

As long as your cover letter is in accordance with the major principles of a cover letter for a German student visa you’re good to go. But there are some mistakes that may hurt your application and often are done unconsciously.

Below are two of the most common mistakes international students do when submitting a Cover Letter for a student visa at German embassies

Too personal Cover Letter – For some, it is a bit difficult to find a balance between formal and personal language when writing a Cover Letter for a German study visa application.

Be aware that the German embassy/consulate is interested to know your educational and professional profile and your future goals and not your emotional opinion about it. If this is the case with you we recommend you ask someone who may have experience with cover letters to help you resolve this issue.

Job Application Cover Letter – Though formal details may remain the same a Cover Letter for a job application and a cover letter for a student visa are essentially different.  The tone of speaking, your standing and some details are where the main difference between these documents relies upon.

Spelling mistakes – Last, but not least important. If there are many spelling errors in your Cover Letter the commission will assess your language is not good, therefore you don’t seem to be a promising student. It is always recommended you give someone to give it a read because they may notice errors that didn’t catch your eye.

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