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Proof of Student Health Insurance

It is always important to remember that existing laws obligate every single person residing in Germany to get health insurance whatever the intention or the purpose of their stay in….

Opening a Blocked Account in India

  Opening a Blocked Account in India Indian students are one of the largest groups of foreign students in Germany. According to official education statistics as of Wintersemester 2017/2018, 17,294….

Proof of Financial Resources

Even though the majority of universities in Germany carry no tuition fees and most German cities are not too expensive to live in, authorities still want to know if you….

University admission criteria

  In order for you to apply at a German university there is a need to submit the following documents: A duly completed application form The application form of the university….

Enrolling at a German University

  Once you get admitted as a student in a German higher education institution, the next process is getting enrolled or “matriculated” in studies. This process involves applying to get….

Find Accommodation in Germany

The final step to be allowed to study in Germany as a foreign student is that you must find accommodation in Germany. We recommend you solve this issue due to….