University admission criteria

University admission criteria


In order for you to apply at a German university there is a need to submit the following documents:

A duly completed application form

The application form of the university must be duly completed, presenting the real information on your personal data, education and professional experience. The information provided in the application form ought to be consistent  with the supporting documents you provide additionally. Universities typically have an online application form, where you have to register and get your applicant’s ID. This form of application includes also uploading electronically all the supplementary application documents in a scanned PDF format. Do not forget to put your signature when submitting the application form.

Proof a recognized university entrance qualification

In case you do not posses a high school leaving certificate that is recognized in Germany “the university entrance qualification” then you must enroll in the Foundation course  “Studienkollegs” to prepare for the test  “Feststellungsprüfung” – qualification assessment examination, where upon the successful passing the test you become an eligible university entrance qualification holder, ready to enter higher education studies in Germany. These courses are subject-related to the field of studies that you are applying for, lasting up to 2 semesters or 1 calendar year, usually offered for free by universities, where you can undergo the examination after 1 year from the beginning of the course. In order to enroll in the course, you must possess at least German language proficiency of B1 level – the Common European Framework Reference for Languages.

To make sure if your earlier education is recognized visit the online database “Anabin”, where you can narrow your search for your country specific.

As well, if you feel you need preparatory courses before starting your studies, Propaedeutic Courses (preparatory courses) are there for you.

Recognized academic certificates

You must submit also, all the certificates of your earlier education, which must be translated by a registered translator and officially certified by a notary. The official certification means for your certificates’ copies to confirm corresponding with an original, with a signature and an official seal stamped on the copy.

The academic certificates typically required to apply for the university admission in Germany are:

  • The university entrance qualification/school leaving certificates,
  • The Official academic records or transcript,
  • Certificate of graduation (document proofing the over average grade achieved),
  • Diploma (document proofing the academic title achieved, e.g. “Bachelor”, “Master”),
  • Diploma supplement,
  • Certificates of the applicant’s earlier educational background (educational, professional, extracurricular trainings, and so on)
  • Certificates of other volunteered activity and work experience, if any.

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