Why Are Bed Bugs No Longer In The News?

A few years ago, bed bugs were the Flavor of the Month. However, you don’t hear much about them these days. What causes this?

The main reason is that those who influence the news stories don’t make much money from them. What? Isn’t news, news? It’s not true, and here’s why.

Humankind has been plagued by these small blood suckers for centuries. As soon as the details of life were documented regularly, these pests were frequently discussed. The fossilized bed bugs date back 3500 years, so they are clearly part of man’s history.

As a result of the invention of DDT, bed bugs have been virtually eradicated in modernized countries. DDT controlled them easily, and they were thought to be all but extinct. Developed by scientists using World War II technology, DDT was a highly toxic, life-altering chemical. It killed massive amounts of pests and was heralded as a wonderful invention. After several years of use, the truth emerged…

The environment was slowly being destroyed by DDT. It’s not just ‘pests’, but wildlife as well. There was contamination in streams, rivers, and reservoirs. Eagles were on the verge of extinction. Concerned people demanded that it be banned because the Earth was being poisoned. (DDT is still manufactured and used in Third World Countries… but we digress).

Bed Bugs bite

In its place, a gazillion different types of chemicals were created. The use of synthetic pesticides eventually became useless in the fight against pests. DDT, too.

This is due to a scientific phenomenon known as “Pesticide Resistance,” which states that insects eventually become immune to synthetic pesticides. After time, a product used to control pests that is man-made and not a natural product will lose its ability to control pests. Bed bugs cannot be controlled with synthetic pesticides, including DDT.

The bed bug population is now growing exponentially! There is no place that is safe from these human parasites. Everywhere people are, there is an opportunity to get them. There are so many of them!

Why don’t we hear about this anymore in the news? What’s the reason we don’t read about grotesque infestations, pitiful living conditions, and unsuspecting victims?

No one stands to benefit from fanning the flames of panic. Despite having deep pockets, chemical pesticide manufacturers have no option to control bed bugs. An issue that is not brought to national attention is a non-issue.

But just ask someone with a bed bug infestation if they aren’t an issue. Nope. Solutions are really what people want!

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